Roster Update

1) Dahl cut. 2) Giants trying to get Mitchell and/or Wilson re-signed before UFA deadline. Mitchell more likely than Wilson. Strong interest from others likely for Wilson. 3) Giants willing to renegotiate Strahan’s contract when he is ready. 4) Trade talk is centered on Giants trading a #1 pick to the Falcons for CB DeAngelo Hall.

3 Responses to “Roster Update”

  1. 12kyle Says:

    BUYER BEWARE of DeAngelo Hall (aka MeAngelo aka DFall aka The Fake PrimeTime). I am a season ticket holder for the Falcons. Hall is NOT what he thinks he is. He is not a shut down corner. He’s a decent corner. I’d probably put him in the top 10 but he’s not worth the headache for the Giants. If the G-Men want to give up a 1st round pick for this guy, then I will personally drive him to the airport to see him out of Atlanta. He has talent but he’s a head case. While I’ve never heard of him getting into any trouble here, his actions on the field have been horrible. He has cursed out coaches, feuded with teammates, and fought other players (see Steve Smith last year and Jeremiah Trotter 2 yrs ago). More importantly, the self-proclaimed shut down corner has been torched by every WR that we’ve played over the last few years. He may be one of the reasons why Joey Galloway is still around b/c he ALWAYS gets 100+ yards on him. He has yet to stop any WR in this horrible division (NFC SOUTH). If you don’t believe me, go and watch the film from the Monday Night game vs the Giants. Toomer and Plaxico destroyed him and that secondary. Hall has been to the Pro Bowl for 2 of his 4 years in the NFL but I don’t think he’s a great CB. He’s good…but not great. Also, Hall will be a free agent after next year and he’s gonna want the kind of money that Nate Clements got. And he’s not worth it. Take it from someone who watches him every Sunday. If Reese and the Giants brass want him and are willing to give up a 1st rd pick in the process, let’s make it happen. But don’t say that I didn’t warn you. 12kyle

  2. Andy F. Says:

    Ouch! yep, we know he is a headcase, was wondering if some of that was just because the Falcons are such a dysfunctional mess. The Giants have for the most part stayed away from these types… George Young used to use a pschologist (psychiatrist?) to screen the troublemakers. Then Accorsi broke the rules with Shockey. Only one headcase allowed per team, so Hall makes this dangerous for us.I remember the Atlanta game this year well, we handled Hall well enough. I think Giants fans trust in Reese to figure this all out. Thanks for “Head”s up.

  3. 12kyle Says:

    After thinking about it, Hall may be less of headache in NY. There are some true leaders on the defense like Strahan and Pierce who’ll keep him in line. There was nobody on the Falcons who would try to keep him in line. The only guy who he’d listen to was Vick. You’re right…this franchise is in disarray. The owner and GM don’t have a clue about running a franchise. Vick is in jail. They just hired a nobody for a head coach. So, I took great pleasure in watching your NY Giants play like a real team and make history.

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