Nobody asked me, but

We won the Super Bowl. We have been savoring this win for almost a week now. Everything is wonderful. There are no worts on this team. Or are there? Eli gets a free pass, I know, I know, I promise not to do the 56 game rip when he had a 74 QB rating and could not play consistent quarters let alone consistent games, playoffs et al…

What I speak to now is, before anyone anoints Gilbride, I have a few bones to pick. (1) What is this under-use of the TE? First it was Shockey, now it is Boss. At least your malfeasance is non-discrimatory. (2) And why is it that you never took Bradshaw out of mothballs? One again 9 carries for Bradshaw for 5 yds/per, Jacobs 14 carries for 42 yards… 3 yds/per. Hmm, like has been said before, in a game of inches, we see the difference in feet and yards. (3) On the subject of Bradshaw, ya think we might just have gotten LUCKY when a slow and lumbering Jacobs makes it back to the line of scrimmage and barely gets that first down on 4th and 1? Why not use Bradshaw so he can kick out if necessary- in fact a kick out and we get 10-20 yards or possibly a TD. (4) I heard some math- that 90% of the run calls were between the tackles…. what is UP with that? We knew that the NE linebackers had one weakness, slowing speed due to age. We practically played into their hands.


4 Responses to “Nobody asked me, but”

  1. glenn w Says:

    Andy,I think you are carping here.I think you should savor this incredible playoff run capped off with perhaps the best Super Bowl ever played.Before the big game, I commented on your, I think passionate, excellent blog. The Patriots I think have the best defensive line in the game. Seymour, Warren and Woolfolk are excellent. The Giants interior line struggled against these guys. I think they did win the battle. The Giants’ backs rushed for 87 yards. Remember, Vrable and Thomas are very good on the edge. Seau and Bruschi were the weak links in the middle. This is why they attacked the middle. They did get positive yards with Jacobs. Perhaps not the yards we wanted. I think Coughlin was concerned about ball security with Bradshaw. After he fumbled the ball and was able to recover his own gaffe, I think Coughlin trusted Jacobs with the ball.Lastly, the Giants should have put this game away early. Two blunders cost them points. The Eli throw to Smith which bounced off his hands and into Hobb’s hands. The other was the penalty on Bradshaw for attempting to bat the ball out of bounds; however, the ball rolled forward costing the Giants field position and a Feagles punt.

  2. Andy F. Says:

    I agree I am nitpicking. But in order to be consistent and fair, if we had lost and that 4th down handoff to Jacobs does not work, I would be ripping the playcall just the same. As far as ball security is concerned, Bradshaw did not lose the ball because of a Patriots strip; he lost it because he was looking ahead and he stopped looking in the handoff from Manning… I for one was not concerned.My main contention is that I am not a big Gilbride fan. He has done some good mixup of the playcalling this season. But I merely contend that the Giants won in spots DESPITE him, not because of him. I am thrilled for him and the entire staff. I am thrilled for the players and the organization. Accorsi deserves credit for bringing in Manning, who clearly did it ALL these past 5 weeks. It does not surprise me that everyone has been talking UP Spagnuolo. It also does not surprise me that NO ONE is talking UP Gilbride.

  3. glenn w Says:

    I do not have a problem with the play call on the 4th down play. Please look at the replay, Seubert got beat. Jacobs actually had to push him out of the way to get the first down. I added your site to my link list. I like your blog. Without question, I think you are a passionate fan. Are you from the New York/New Jersey area? I was born in Brooklyn and lived in Hazlet, New Jersey most of my childhood. My first game I attended was the “Miracle in the Meadowlands” or as Giants fans call it the “Fumble Game.” I was eight years old. I could not believe the Giants lost that game. I see you are listener to WFAN in New York. When I lived in NJ, I would call and get through occasionally. During the Pats last possession, on the 3rd and 20 play for the Pats, I cringed when I saw Moss sprinting for the ball with two defenders surrounding him. Fortunately, Webster knocked the ball away. After witnessing the “Fumble game”, I am thankful Moss did not catch that ball. Clearly, I was getting childhood flashbacks to the Fumble game.I know Francesa was talking about this with Simms.(the almost Moss catch) I am a pharmacist living in Florida. We will be moving to Louisiana during the summer. My wife is from the New Orleans area. When the Giants play the Saints in New Orleans, I would invite you to come visit. Please tell me about yourself. Sincerely,Glenn Warciski

  4. Andy F. Says:

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