Of course he is NOT jealous of the Giants. But he is JEALOUS that today the team gets a parade down the CANYON OF HEROES. If memory serves, the ’86 and ’90 teams did not get such treatment because the team moved out to Jersey in the 70’s and the mayor/s of NYC did not exactly greet them back for a parade in open arms. Celebrations took place at the stadium instead. This one will be a little better. (addendum- Len Berman said that ’86 was rejected by Koch because of ‘NJ’ and ’90 did not happen because of the Gulf War.)

A few members of the ultimatenyg contingent were at the game…


2 Responses to “PHIL SIMMS IS JEALOUS!”

  1. Mike Kavis Says:

    I enjoyed following the G-Men’s incredible run through your blog. I posted an article about leadership on my technology blog yesterday that was geared towards the way Coughlin turned around this team. Enjoy.

  2. Andy F. Says:

    I wrote a blog entry that will appear in coming days on Coughlin. He agreed to improve his communications with players and everybody won, figuratively and literally.

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