Phil Simms on the NYG- DAL game

Francesa went a full segment w Simms, and as usual we got plenty of insight from the master of our Giant universe.

1) No, Virginia, we are NOT hyped out of our butts for saying that the Giants are much improved these past 2 games. Phil Simms sees it too, says a lot of things have changed and gotten a lot better.
2) No great feel for the ending of the game.
3) NYG need to pressure Romo and he has doubts about them getting to him because the DAL offensive line… “is BIG, and they are good on their feet too.”
4) The DAL offense wants to go deep every play and then when it is not there they go for something else. It is not big on deception the way the Colts and NE run theirs, and this is why people have caught up to what they are doing.
5) Francesa asked him if the NYG should use Bradshaw more, and Simms unequivocally said yes.
6) The Giants have used a varied offensive attack the past few weeks and it is what will be imperative again vs the Dallas ‘pressure defense.’
7) The play-calling the past couple of weeks has been excellent, as good as it has been under Coughlin’s entire time in NY.
8) Dallas falls off very hard from their 2 starting corners to their 3rd and 4th CB. (Attack these guys with Steve Smith.)
9) Simms will be surprised if the Giants do not go with Boss more, because “THEY MUST.” Williams is “awful” in space and if Shockey had 12 receptions last game they should have thrown the ball to him even more!
10) The Giants are confident.
11) Simms was in NE covering the game, and when he prepares he speaks to a lot of players on both squads. The NE players had some unsolicited remarks on the Giants- the Giants were good, they were surprised at the talent level, 3 separate guys were very positive about them. The 4th? Bill Belichick, who (Simms laughing, ‘Doom’ humor) said the Giants were “not bad.” … with Simms tacking on that that is like the ultimatenyg comment you could possibly get from him.
12) Final score? No prediction— the “game will go down to the wire.”

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