Phil Simms speaks

Phil Simms on Sunday morning WFAN segment had plenty to say about the Giants et al:

1) The better teams have multiple ways to win. A team like the Pats has ~7 (this is not science, just a random #) ways to beat you. If they have 7, the Colts have 5. And by implication, teams like the Giants have 1 way to win, to play perfect in all facets of the game.

2) The Patriots are opportunistic. They went back to Moss for his TD bomb in Q4 THE PLAY AFTER Madison limps off the field. And when Dwight Freney of the Colts leaves their Pats game for a breather earlier this season, the next play called was a TD bomb to Moss. They knew each time that that was the moment they needed to go for it.

3) Jacobs does a lot of the little things that impress. He forces defenses to adjust to his size and style when tackling, and whenever an opponent has to do that it helps you. He falls forward for the extra yards whenever he can.

4) TB will give the Giants a VERY different defensive look than the Pats. They are a faster team with better coverage. You need to (pound) run the ball on TB.

5) Very kind words for Boss, and positive a “dynamic” Bradshaw.

6) Re Dallas, teams are catching up to their offensive schemes.

7) Re Green Bay, he is not a big believer in the Pack. “Fragile.” Admits to being surprised by them; feels they have overachieved and is implying (reading between the lines) that come the playoffs they will be vulnerable because they have already stretched themselves to their potential. (I suppose you have to say that this is also a ringing endorsement of the job McCarthy has done in getting so much out of that team.)

2 Responses to “Phil Simms speaks”

  1. Pastime Princess Says:

    Phil has always been one of my favorites. I will never forgive Reeves for cutting him in 92 after Simms was coming of one of his best seasons ever. Simms was at the top of his game at that time and had a few good years left. It brought the Dave Brown area in much to soon. Changing the subject to Eli. The only reason in my opinion that the Giants don’t have one of the best offences in football is Eli’s inaccuracy. If he can be accurate like he was Saturday there is no limit to what this team can do. I don’t see the Pats being better than them talent wise except for Eli. He has all the tools except one. To bad you can’t teach accuracy.

  2. Andy F. Says:

    Re Eli, “You had me at hello.” Next blog entry will discuss the Manning # for our opponents in order to articulate the largest variable of the Giants- Eli Manning.

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