Strahan speculation

A lot of discussion by the NBC Network crew et al on Strahan.

Reese- indicates that if Strahan comes back, the Giants will not be firm on the enormity of the accumulating fines.

Madden and Michaels- It is always about the money. (Where have we heard that one before?)

Kramer- Spoke to Strahan at length, Strahan indicated that it was more than just going back and playing DE, it is about the other responsibilities he has with this team.

THIS IS ABOUT THE HIDDEN COST OF COUGHLIN. Strahan knows that as a team leader he has to carry the water for his coach in the locker room. THIS is the mental part that Kramer is referring to. That playing for Coughlin is likely a dead end this season and that he has to mentally hold the locker room together for that. Barber did everything but say directly that Coughlin is why he retired when he did. If this team had a coaching staff that made it fun and put them in a position to win it all, do you think these guys would be retired? For Strahan, it is about the money, but it is also about the dead end of Coughlin. I think Strahan might have been trying to engineer a trade, but the Giants said nothing doing. If Strahan gets back to the team w/o hefty fines and spares himself the grind of 3+ weeks of camp, he figures he is slightly ahead. So be it.

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