Get me excited

Everyone knows this is dead year walking. With Coughlin at the helm, Manning the weakest link, and a secondary that is still a jumble, optimism is not great. So let’s see some individual performances that can turn some heads. The last time we got that in preseason was two years ago when a kid named Brandon Jacobs started delivering punishment in his runs. Surprise us.

Can Dockery pick up where he left off and be a ball hawk?
Can Cofield build on his first season?
Can Webster or Ross show us they are our present?
Can Moss or Smith show us the same?

Youth is always served in the NFL. Forgive me for being impatient, but in the NFL patience almost always leads to BUST. Everyone is waiting for Strahan to magically show up and save this team, but in truth whether he shows up or not, it is going to be saved by rookies and second year players making impact plays. Youth energizes teams. The ’86 Giants got a lot of help from a second year player named Mark Bavaro, who was the team’s LEADING receiver that year. The ’90 Giants went over the top with new guys like Jumbo Elliot and Dave Meggett. If we are not going anywhere this year, maybe we can at least get some new faces who will take us there in future years.

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