Panthers preseason game a loss, and it is fugly. There were some bright spots, and many more poor performances.

The Good
1) Jared Lorenzen is playing hungry. At least his upside is not known, unlike other QBs on this team.
2) The Giant running game had some decent success.
3) There were some good special teams plays.
4) Mitchell looked ok.
5) Diehl looked ok in limited work.

The Bad
1) Manning once again was not consistent.
2) Kiwanuka is our #1 Defensive End draft choice and he is at LB because of the front office, not because of the coaches.
3) Our kicking and punting were not crisp.

The Ugly
1) Our defense was anywhere from shoddy to swiss cheese. Spagnuolo has a big job to make his players stay in their lanes.
2) William Joseph was given praise for effort in the offseason and camp, yet I saw little of it… with him not protecting the edge on run containment.
3) We could have lost this game 44-10 and it would have been just as accurate. The Giants run defense was manhandled, and when the Panthers were done w that they roasted our pass defense too.
4) That Coughlin mug of distress (as yet another thing goes wrong) is UGLY. You mean to tell me that I have to watch that man for another season pout in disgust at all the things that go wrong for the team? Give me a bag. No make that two. I’ll use the first to put over my head so I do not have to see that face anymore. And I will use the second for reverse peristalsis.

This was NOT pretty.

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