Team Turmoil

Strahan. Retirement. Holdout. Pick one.

If this team wanted a rudder, Strahan was it. How do you recover from this 11th hour development going into camp? Unless it is resolved amicably it is a disaster.

I am reminded of the Parcells defection in May 1991. The timing was horrible. It was a bitter slap in the face of George Young, most likely a result of more confrontation and disappointment from a late April draft that did not go the way Parcells wanted it to go. The net result is that the Giants organization was left in a big hole, and trying to recruit a new coach at that late hour was out of the question. It set the organization back many years, and Parcells’ vindictiveness was felt for quite some time.

In this situation, Strahan indicated as recently as just 2 weeks ago he was looking forward to playing. You do not show up at minicamps and offseason workouts if u r holding out. He says he is retiring, but is that a ploy to keep the negotiating window open while not incurring fines?

The Giant organization moved Kiwanuka to LB because with Strahan coming back it wanted all of these players on the field together, as much as possible. This team had way more questions than answers BEFORE this, and now it has even more questions, if that were even possible. Strahan was a leader. This is not what leaders do because the timing is so difficult to manage.

I was thinking 6-10 before this development. Now I am convinced of 6-10.

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