The article linked in the right column (“LINK LIST”) discusses the pros and cons of drafting high for a WR. Anecdotally it proves my point that the first round is not a necessity for this position. There will be some very good WRs again in the first round, guys like Johnson and Meachem (a guy that Harold likes for the G-men if he is available at #20). But I will be disappointed if the Giants go that direction.

WRs are visible players who can put the ball in the end zone. Everyone discusses the aging of Toomer, the failure of Carter etc translating to need in that position. BULLBLEEP! Take a freakin’ number! We picked up Burress, we traded UP to draft Sinorice Moss in the high second round. ENOUGH! Enough resources already have been WASTED at that position, and we do not have a QB anyway that can get it to them accurately. So take care of defense and maybe our caretaker QB can be required to do less in order to win us a Super Bowl.

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