Actions speak louder than words

In this case, it is inaction that speaks louder than words. Consider:
1) the MANY needs of the New York Giants
2) that each team loses ~4.5 players to free agency (we have lost 8) and we have gotten ONE back through a trade
3) that Left Tackle is now going to be filled by Diehl or a high draft pick, after Petitgout was let go
4) that McGahee (Ravens), Curtis (Eagles), Rhodes (Raiders) and Davis (Cowboys) were all players we had interest in but nothing even remotely serious happened

We have to wonder aloud whether Reese is rebuilding in 2007. We have to wonder whether Coughlin is someone that players and their agents know to stay away from. As we have feared all along, is this a lame duck season for Coughlin? And if so, why NOT trade Strahan for a high draft choice while he still can play so that we can rebuild?… if we are throwing away 2007, he is 35 1/2 now, then he will be ~37 by the time we can ‘compete’ again.

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