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Phil 23 NYG 20

January 8, 2007

Okay, Giants fans. Where was this game lost?

a) the 9 penalties
b) when we burned one TO on Lorenzen’s aborted 3rd and 1
c) when we burned yet another TO when Tyree was on the wrong side of the field and we could not snap it before the clock ran down
d) more inept red zone possessions which end with FGs instead of TDs

Or how about my favorite (e) Having the ball at midfield in Q1 THREE times and not capitalizing on the defense’s early help.

Manning is still garbage. I could use a few months off without having to watch him pathetically and anemically throwing off his back foot to a Giant receiver’s ankles. Did anyone notice the first half bomb to Burress that we got the defensive pass interference call? It was severely underthrown yet again, so Burress has to stop his route after he has beaten the entire team and then luckily an Eagle runs into him before the ball arrives. If it is thrown accurately it is 7.

Every time Westbrook ran to his right, I kept looking for Strahan. This team was not able to beat a single credible opponent w/o him.

We were 10th in the league this year in penalties, an improvement from 3rd in the league last season. Woohoo. Mangini’s Jets were 31st… the second lowest total. When I watched them earlier today, they were so much more disciplined and organized than we were at any point in our season. Let the underachieving end and let Coughlin’s tenure end. NEXT.

Nice guys don’t get laid.. they get married.

January 7, 2007

And nice coaches don’t win championships. Yep, Leo Durocher warned us that nice guys finish last. ‘Players coaches,’ the ones that get too close to their players are MANY in the NFL. Yet what percentage of them win Super Bowls?

Saturday’s game-changers

January 7, 2007

No love lost seeing Jerry Jones and the Boys going down when Romo the Magnificent fell to earth. But watching Brain Waters implode the Chiefs was pretty painful to watch. The scene: The Colts are dominating the Chiefs, marching up and down the field. But the Chiefs defense is bending, not breaking, as they hold them to two FGs and a 6-0 lead. On the Colts’ 3rd drive, Ty Law picks off a pass and runs it to the Colts 9. On Third and Goal at the 1, with the line in tight (emphasize TIGHT, CLOSE) formation, the Left Guard Brian Waters comes out of the snap and IMMEDIATELY plants his right leg on Trent Green’s left foot, causing Green to trip and fall for a 4 yard loss. The 22 yd chip shot FG is missed as Tynes clangs the ball off the left upright. EMPTY turnover when Ty Law had gift-wrapped a TD oppty for the offense.

The line of scrimmage

January 6, 2007

In the second meeting of the Eagles-Giants, the most glaring ‘tell’ of the game was how the Eagles offensive line MANHANDLED the Giants defensive line. Run blocking was more like blowing people off the line, ripping holes the size of canyons for their runners to waltz through. Pass protection was equally impressive, with Garcia seemingly having all day back there in the pocket. The media may have been focusing on Manning and Shockey and Barber etc.. but it will be on Kiwanuka, Umenyiora, Joseph, Cofield and Robbins to win this game for the Giants. They cannot get pushed off the line of scrimmage like last game, and they must pressure Garcia. This is the lowest common denominator for Sunday’s contest.

I am bullish on Kiwanuka’s future. I love Osi’s ability to wreak havoc and make impact plays. Robbins has been very good for the Giants this season. Cofield is a rookie starter who is only going to get better. Yet these guys were overpowered by arguably the league’s best O-line ~3 weeks ago. I see the Eagles winning because of the edge here. No predictions for blowouts. But simple control of the line of scrimmage will keep the game out of reach for the Giants unless our offense can (uncharacteristically) shoot on all 8 cylinders for 4 quarters and carry the defense.

Cowher the NON-retread

January 5, 2007

Unlike Coughlin, Cowher knows more than a thing or two about winning. His players are disciplined. In his 15 seasons, he has compiled a 161-99-1 record, including playoff games. Under Cowher’s stewardship, the Steelers have won eight division titles, earned 10 playoff berths, advanced to the conference championship game six times, appeared in two Super Bowl games and won one. You can lure this guy out retirement, if not this year (by buying out his contract), next year. The man constantly gets depleted by free agency and then gets new players who seemingly overachieve consistently, the mark of an effective coach.

ELEVEN OUT OF FIFTEEN SEASONS WITH A WINNING RECORD. 6, 3, 2 winning seasons in a row. His teams are CONSTANTLY competitive, even when they ‘rebuild.’

Contrast this with the Giants, who cannot handle ANY prosperity.

Do you think I’d mind having him coach our team?

3 of a kind

January 3, 2007

From Pro Football Weekly: “There is a school of thought that Hufnagel has hurt Eli Manning’s development because he too often went away from the team’s three best weapons — WR Plaxico Burress, TE Jeremy Shockey and RB Tiki Barber — when things got tight and rarely adjusted well to opponents’ defensive play calls. But an NFC talent evaluator said the bigger problem might be Manning’s perceived lack of toughness in the pocket. Too often, the scout said, Manning pulls off of his throws under pressure, leading to errant tosses. Several times against the Redskins in Week 17, Manning appeared to shy away from contact when the rush neared, and there was less velocity or accuracy on those throws. Teams are well aware of this: The Giants, especially since WR Amani Toomer went down, have been blitzed relentlessly in passing situations.”

Unless you are Mr. McGoo, we are all talent evaluators. And we all know that Manning is fast becoming a rich man’s Dave Brown if this situation is not corrected. He needs help fast, and I do not have the confidence in Coughlin to get it to him because we saw many problems last year, and they have multiplied.

But it could be worse. We could be the Detroit Lions, who have just given Millen another year. That franchise is in total disarray. If this was a Detroit Lions blog I would just turn it off until they got rid of that genius.

Tiki 55 yard run

January 2, 2007

Tiki Barber’s legend is going to only grow when he is gone. On this play, where he ran for a 55 yard TD, he was a coach on the field…. **Earlier in the game the Giants ran a lead draw that didn’t do much because Finn got a little overanxious on his block. Barber told him to stay more patient. Then he told Gilbride they should run the same play soon, especially if it looked like the Redskins were going to blitz.
“He said, ‘If they [blitz], it’s going to be a touchdown,’ ” said Finn.
They did, and it was.**