Colts and Saints advance

Playoff Observations:
1) As much as I hate the Eagles, I was rooting for them tonight because I felt they were the best team in the NFC. But without Pro Bowlers Shawn Andrews and Lito Shepherd (not to mention Pro Bowlers Jevon Kearse and Donovan McNabb), that is a lot to overcome. And yet they still missed by a slim margin and played with these guys toe to toe.
2) I do not believe in the Bears. I certainly do not believe in the Seahawks. So at this point I will put the Saints ahead of these two. Yes, the Bears will likely be small favs vs the Saints but I think the Saints will win because the Bears should have been beaten numerous times this year and I think they are way overrated.
3) The AFC will beat whoever the NFC puts up. Men vs boys.
4) I was surprised that the Colts did so well today. But the common demoninator I am noticing is this Safety named Sanders. He is a gamer, he is all over the place, and w/o knowing too much about the Colts I can say that when he was out from injury the team became very ordinary… and that when he came back these past two playoff games the team (‘s defensive unit) has looked totally different. I am not completely sold on the Colts but at this point I can no longer write them off the way I felt before.
5) I pick the Chargers to go all the way but will not be surprised by an upset by the Pats tomorrow. See blog below. I still will be surprised by a Colt upset of the Chargers next weekend.
6) I was talking with Richard tonight— If the Giants had a fighter like Garcia, I think they would have had the bye and would be a completely different team. That is how much Garcia’s competitiveness helped the Eagles and starkly contrasts the sorry lack thereof from Eli Manning. Manning is a second string quarterback period. He has not played a single game where he fought for 4 consecutive quarters. A 36 year old backup is a significant upgrade. POINT: get some real competition in there already and start having a viable second option to give this guy the HOOK already.

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