The writers in the NY Post pretty much covered it all, said it all. Yes, SEVEN articles on the SWAMP GAS they passed yesterday. (See right side of blog for links.) Notable highlights within include Carson’s remarks on Manning, yet another player’s ripping of Coughlin while the bird brain owner says that no player has said a bad thing to HIM, and the interesting statistic which speaks volumes:

Under Coughlin the Giants are 17-7 in the first half of the season and 8-18 in the second half of the season. These guys tire of Coughlin, and then they plain TIRE. YEP, WE ARE WINNING A CHAMPIONSHIP WITH THIS LOSER! NOT! To quote Andy L., will it be in Game 1 or Game 2 when the fans start chanting “FI-RE COUGH-LIN”..? This is the same shit I warned about with “Warm Porridge” post back in December. Just warm enough to fool the pussy management that we can be the venerable and deliberate franchise that stays the course and does not get weak with change for change’s sake. The same pussy thinking that lost us Fox and gave us two more years of that prevent offense loser Fassel. Get ready to whip it out and piss away a year on this clown.

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