Hufnagel shown the door

Gary Myers of the Daily News writes a great piece today. He saves the best for last: “Coughlin made one desperate attempt to save the Giants’ season and save his job. Just like his offense, the timing is off.”

I sometimes wonder why it took the Saints game to realize what we have been talking about for months. We have pointed out how predictable the playcalling would get in the redzone (first down pass, second down a lock to handoff to Barber), how maniacal it would be to not throw to your Pro Bowl TE in the first half. We have talked about the underachievement on offense, the poor coaching of their QB. It took capitulation vs the Saints for Coughlin to all of a sudden get desperate? The selfish players have been venting their childish ways for weeks, but against the Saints when they openly mutinied it woke up Coughlin?

A day late and a dollar short.

Oh, by the way, one last tidbit: Schwartz of the NY Post reports that Giant management asked Coughlin to let go of Hufnagel at the end of LAST SEASON. Coughlin refused. Knowing this, what do you think Tom’s chances are now for being the head coach in 2007? With Petitgout and Strahan put on season-ending IR, with the team officially imploded, let’s hope we get skinned on Saturday and end this Coughlin era and move on.

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